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> Looking for Android Tutorials
    Hello Everyone, I am new in this forum and I want to learn android programming and I am looking for free tutorials as a beginner point of view, If anyone knows please suggest me.
      I suggest starting with an idea. You don't need training for that. Elaborate your idea with a pen. Design with that pen the UI. Of course you can use any software instead of the old school pen.

      Install Android studio. Write or copy paste a single hello world activity. Try to put your idea in code. Google for the parts you need. Don't try to dig in too deeply in other codes athe t start.

      Your app will start to shape, with lots of bugs and not optimized code. Don't worry.

      At one stage you will feel a lot more confident. It's the time to dig in deeper in the rabbit hole.

      Look inside the code again, you will see your bugs at least the majority of them.

      You will also need to optimize your performance, that need alone will push you further.

      You will also find out some memory leaks, and you will know how to handle them.

      At one stage you will have enough confidence, and would dig in the android source. It's not hard BTW

      That's my style. Learning by doing. And Of course this process is coupled with a lot of googling, reading some code, adjusting, optimizing, testing, and so on.
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